The Global Need

  • Worldwide, 278 million people are affected by moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears.
  • 80% of deaf and hearing -impaired people live in low-and middle-income countries. Causes of hearing loss include ear infections, improper use of medication and excessive noise.
  • Production of hearing aids is less than one tenth of the global need. Hearing aids are expensive (U$500 and up) and are mainly sold to developed countries.
  • Hearing impairment negatively impacts social interaction, education and finding meaningful employment.

How Does it Work?

  • Put your hearing aid or batteries into the Solar Charger and place in the sun
  • Or, while wearing your hearing aid, put the Solar Charger in sunlight for a few hours to charge 2 internal AA batteries. Then, insert your hearing aid or batteries to charge overnight.
  • Electricity can also be used.

Hearing Aids



The rechargeable KE REEDITSE uses a proprietary intelligence charging circuit, high-strength lithium polymer battery in the Eco-Friendly and attractice hearing aid product. This device is rechargeable though the universal Micro-USB interface.




TSAYA OA ISE puts flexibility and super power capability in a splendid case with special grain exterior. It covers the most of hearing loss degree and has most comprehensive functions. Its a good choice for people with severe to profound hearing loss. The trimmers on this product can control background noise reductoin and output sound level.




The BUA LE NNA is a good digital hearing aid choice for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Its rechargeable by Micro-USB interface with an unprecedented charge time of less than 2 hours that provides an average of 20 hours use-time. The break-through intelligent charging chip circuit minimizes heat and makes “green” technology practical for hearing aid users.




The KHOLOMA NAM offers an average of 64dB of gain which will satisfy the severing hearing loss patient and comes with great sound quality. The directional microphones will benefit the patient in noisy environments and this hearing aid includes the benefit of having a telecoil. The directional microphone in this will provide maximum amplification in the direction of the speech signal. Adaptive directional microphones can provide improved speech recognition in noise.




The KE A KGONA is suitable for a wide fitting rane from mild to severe hearing loss. This product is ready to match your individual requirements and budget. The P-Tri and H-Tri controls will help you adjust the background noise reduction and output sound level.


Other Products

Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Recharged by a clean and unlimited energy source (solar power) with 1 charging port for the hearing aid (with batteries inside) and 2 ports for directly charging the batteries.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a memory switch do?

A memory switch is used to change preset mode/program individually. Your hearing can be programmed up to 4 different listening programs. When the hearing aid is turned on it will automatically be in program 1. Other presets are for your specific needs that can be accessed by using memory switch. Pressing of the memory switch will change the program according to the preset sequence: 1, 2, 3, and 4.The hearing aid “beeping signal” will help you identify preset programs, for example program 1 will produce 1 beep, and program 2 will produce 2 beeps.

What do WDRC channels do? Are more channels better?

A memory switch is used to change preset mode/program

A band is what is used to control volume in different frequencies. This allows us to adjust more volume in a specific area of your hearing loss without affecting other areas where you might need less volume The more bands the hearing aid offers the more room we have to fit the aid to your hearing loss.

“Wide Dynamic Range Compression” —WDRC

Channels break up the frequency range into individual channels. This allows the hearing aid to differentiate noise from speech. The more channels the hearing aid has the more fine-tuned it can be. For instance the sound of keys falling on a table, or water running in the sink may be overwhelming. When your hearing aid offers many channels we can adjust each frequency that is too loud without sacrificing the things you want to hear, like your spouse or boss.

  • Type: OF
  • WDRC Channels: 2
  • Battery: 13A
  • Peak Output: 122±3
  • Max Gain: 36±5
  • Type: OF
  • WDRC Channels: 8
  • Battery: 13A
  • Peak Output: 117
  • Max Gain: 39
  • Type: OF
  • WDRC Channels: 8
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Peak Output: 122
  • Max Gain: 44
  • Type: AIE
  • WDRC Channels: 20
  • Battery: 312A
  • Peak Output: 98
  • Max Gain: 37

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