Meet the Team

Our Mission

To make total hearing health a reality for the developing world and undeserved communities.

Our Vision

To enable the hearing impaired to achieve their full potential and contribute fully towards their community and country.

Our Goal

Is to reach and lower hearing hearing impairment for 40 Million people in developing world and to lower the burden of hearing loss by improving their ability to communicate.

By the People, For the People

Deaftronics Pty Ltd is a  company that assembles and provides solar rechargeable hearing aids and accessories and other support services such as training and repairs.

Deaftronics is owned and run by  hearing impaired individuals who are also internationally certified in micro soldering techniques used in the aviation industry. This is the technology used in the manufacture of the SolarAid charger, also referred to as SolarEar internationally.  

Deaftronics was born out of Godisa Technologies Trust former employees as a means to provide a more appropriate means through which the manufacturing and assembly of the rechargeable hearing aids could continue as the Trust ceased its assembly activities. Godisa Technologies Trust adopted, in 2002, transformed and successfully commercialized a basic solar hearing aid prototype that was initiated by BOTEC nearly 15 years ago.In recent years, Deaftronics has endeavored to develop its business network and improving its positioning to become a specialist centre for hearing aids in Africa. It has so far provided training and empowerment to different centers including the Institute for the Deaf in the Jordan, the National Institute for the Deaf in Cape Town, South Africa and Solar Ear in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

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