The First Solar Powered Hearing Aid

Deaftronics developed the first rechargeable hearing aid battery, which lasts for 2-3 years and can be used in 80% of hearing aids on the market today. It is solar powered and can be charged via the sun, household light, or a cell phone plug.


2020 Champions of Science Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0 by Johnson & Johnson

2015 Potential for Social Impact Award

Builders of Africa’s Future (BAF) Award

“In Botswana, solar-powered hearing aids uplift hearing impaired”

“…the project was directly responsible for the employment of 35 young adults with disabilities”

“…simply recharge without additional costs…”

The Product

A reliable source and affordable and supply of hearing aid batteries is hard to find in developing countries. The Solar Powered Charger solves the problem:
-Charge battery with free solar power
-No electricity needed
-Fully Charged in 2-5 hours
-Recharged battery lasts up to 4 days.
-Reuse one battery up to 500 times.
-Save hundreds of dollars a year.
-Charge your hearing aid while asleep.
-Fits most BTE hearing aids and #10,#13 or #675 rechargeable batteries.

The Story

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